Goodmans Portable LED Display Disco Ball Karaoke Machine - Red
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Goodmans Portable LED Display Disco Ball Karaoke Machine - Red

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    The Goodmans Portable Disco Karaoke machine really brings the disco vibes to your party, featuring a dazzling rotating disco ball and multi-coloured light effects that project in 360° around your room. A combination of CD G disc and on-screen graphic compatibility, easy connection to your TV using the cables provided means that you can simply read scrolling song lyrics straight from your big screen. When using Karaoke CD G discs, scrolling lyrics are displayed on your TV in time to the music and adjustable microphone and echo controls make it even easier to fine tune the audio effects. By adding backing echo to your voice for that concert hall effect or with Auto Vocal Control you can replace the original singers’ voice with your own or switch off the backing vocals to have an instrumental only version. The Goodmans Portable Disco Karaoke machine arrives ready to make an entrance. Fully equipped with a microphone, TV cable for easy connection and CD G demo disc featuring all the latest tracks and artists meaning that you have everything you need to get started and sing your heart out.

  • >Features:
  • Echo & Microphone Controls
  • Automatic Volume Controls
  • Audio & Video Out for TV
  • Twin Microphone Sockets
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Weight: 2.91 Kg
Dimensions: 28 x 28.0000 x 28 cm