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C Lab & Co Coffee Scrub

C Lab & Co Coffee Scrub targets cellulite, stretch marks and skin imperfections. We believe in the power of the arabica bean, and we understand its influence on our bodies—inside and out.

Our green, arabica beans are roasted with precision, which allows us to help retain their natural moisture and blend them with other ingredients.We choose to only incorporate premium quality, 100% natural ingredients that are cruelty free, into our formula.No harsh chemicals or fillers, such as sugar, can be found in any of our coffee scrubs. This ensures your skin is treated with the same integrity C · Lab & Co was created with.

The product celebrates an old-fashioned beauty remedy known to target cellulite, stretch marks and skin imperfections of the skin, using the gift of mother nature — not harsh treatments and chemicals Made In Australia with fresh Australian papaya and crafted from farm-sourced fruits, this is the perfect solution to heal and hydrate.

The purity of this brand is of the utmost importance to its developers, who strive for perfection and work to produce only the highest calibre of skincare products, all enriched with natural goodness and that work.


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