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Adidas Giftset Ice Dive Feel The Chill 3 pcs

by Adidas
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  • Adidas Giftset Feel The Chill 3 pcs, Contains: 1x Adidas Ice Dive Bodyspray (150ml), 1x Adidas Ice Dive 3in1 Shower Gel (250ml), 1x Adidas Eau De Toilette (50ml).
  • The centerpiece of the gift set is a bottle of cologne and fragrance. Ice Dive suggests a fresh and invigorating scent, and Feel The Chill implies a cooling and refreshing fragrance.
  • Gift sets include a matching deodorant or body spray that complements the fragrance. This is intended to help the recipient maintain the scent throughout the day.
  • A shower gel and body wash with a scent are included in the set. This allows them to enjoy a consistent scent experience during their daily shower routine.

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