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Bounty Secret Centre Coconut Biscuits 132g (Box of 12)

by Bounty
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  • These biscuits offer a taste of the tropics with their secret Bounty coconut center. The luscious coconut filling pairs beautifully with the crisp biscuit shell, delivering a unique and delightful flavor experience.
  • This generous package provides you with ample Bounty Secret Centre Coconut Biscuits to enjoy on various occasions, whether for personal indulgence or sharing with family and friends.
  • Each biscuit is individually portioned, ensuring that you can enjoy them with ease, either as a quick snack on the go or as a special treat at home.
  • These biscuits are perfect for any occasion. Enjoy them as a midday snack, a tropical twist to your dessert spread, or as a flavorful accompaniment to your afternoon tea.
  • 12x132g.

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