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Ck Obession Men Deo Stick 75 g

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  • Ck Obsession Men Deo Stick captures the pure essence of masculinity. It’s a potent start to the day, led by bergamot and sage and strengthened with warm musk and sandalwood.
  • Deodorant Stick for Men awakens inner strength. Composed of a compelling blend of botanicals, spices, and rare woods, it embodies the pure essence of masculinity.
  • Obsession for Men exudes the determination and fire powerful men are made of. Notorious, unforgettable, and provocative, it’s a sexy interpretation of limitless potential. Leading with bergamot and mandarin,
  • The fragrance opens up on a light and fresh note before developing into a complex blend of myrrh, sage, and lavender. A warm, woody base of musk, sandalwood, and vetiver completes the powerful scent.
  • 75 g

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