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Dettol Laundry Sanitiser Home With Pets 750 ml

by Dettol
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  • The product is formulated to be safe for pets, ensuring that effectively sanitizes laundry while not causing any harm to pets if they come into contact with treated fabrics.
  • Dettol products are known for their antibacterial properties. The laundry sanitizer contains ingredients that effectively eliminate bacteria, including those found in pet-related messes.
  • Deal with odors associated with their pets' bedding, toys, and other items. The laundry sanitizer features odor-eliminating properties to leave fabrics smelling fresh and clean.
  • While being tough on germs and odors, the product can also be gentle on fabrics to ensure that pet bedding, clothing, and other items remain in good condition and after washing.
  • 750 ml.

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