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Elvive Shampoo Hydra Pure 250 ml

by L'Oreal
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  • Elvive Hydra Pure shampoo has the ability to provide hydration to the hair. It contains ingredients that help to moisturize and nourish the hair strands, leaving them feeling soft and smooth.
  • The pure aspect of the shampoo is that it has a purifying formula designed to cleanse the hair and scalp gently without stripping away natural oils excessively.
  • Elvive Hydra Pure, provides a refreshing sensation during and after use, leaving the scalp feeling clean and revitalized.
  • Hydra Pure shampoo is formulated to be suitable for normal to oily hair types. It could help balance the scalp's natural oils while still providing hydration to the hair strands.
  • 250 ml.

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