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Oreo Biscuits Double Cream Pmp 1.19 (Box of 16)

by Oreo
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  • The Double Creme Oreo is a tasty chocolatey sandwich biscuit filled with double the amount of that creamy vanilla flavor.
  • t contains twice the amount of the original vanilla-flavored cream filling compared to the standard Oreo cookies. This extra cream offers a richer taste and a more indulgent experience.
  • The cookies used in the Double Cream Oreo are the same as the classic version two round, chocolate-flavored cookies with a slightly bitter, cocoa-rich taste that contrasts nicely with the sweet cream filling.
  • 16 x 157 g.

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Barcode: 07622202051968
Weight: 2512g
Dimensions: 23.1 x 19 x 18.3 cm