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Skittles Giants Fruits Chewy Candies 116g (Box of 14)

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  • Skittles Giants are 3x bigger with the same crunchy shell and bigger soft center with a bright explosion of fruity flavors.
  • Chewy Candies in a Crisp Sugar Shell with Fruit Flavours.
  • Perfect for birthday parties, big nights with friends, or Halloween ‘trick or treat' sweets Celebrate special occasions like weddings, or holidays such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and more with the classic taste of Skittles sweets.
  • Enjoy an odd mix. Share the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow Products contain an uneven mix of flavors.
  • 14x116 grams.

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SKU: 518722
Weight: 2582g
Dimensions: 45.5 x 12.5 x 18 cm