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Daz ALL in 1 PODs Washing Capsules Whites & Colours 54 Washes

by DAZ
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  • These capsules are designed for ease of use. You simply toss one pod into the washing machine drum along with your laundry. There's no need to measure or pour liquid detergent.
  • Each capsule contains a pre-measured amount of liquid detergent, ensuring that you use the right amount for each load of laundry. This can help prevent overuse or underuse of detergent.
  • The all-in aspect suggests that the detergent is formulated to handle various aspects of the laundry process, such as cleaning, stain removal, and fabric care, all in one pod.
  • The capsule is made of a water-soluble film that dissolves during the wash cycle. This eliminates the need to handle liquid detergent directly and helps with the even distribution of the detergent in the wash.
  • 54 washes.

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