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Duzzit Cleaner Washing Machine Linen 250 ml

by Duzzit
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  • Duzzit Cleaner Washing Machine Linen 3 in 1 Cleaner removes hidden dirt and detergent, removes limescale, removes bad odors, leaving a fresh clean machine. Treatment formulated to remove 100 percent limescale.
  • Washing Machine Cleaner is a treatment designed to clean by eliminating detergent buildup on the drum, pipes, and seals. Removing limescale buildup will help to maintain your washing machine while leaving it fresh and perfectly clean.
  • Build-up of grime, detergent, and limescale creates a residual odor in appliances and over time damages them. Improve the life cycle of your machine by protecting the stainless-steel drum, pipes, and seals with three monthly treatments of Duzzit Washing Machine Cleaner.
  • 250 ml.

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