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Oven Brite AntiBacterial Cleaning Kit 500 ml

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  • Oven Brite AntiBacterial Cleaning Kit contains ingredients and components that have antibacterial properties, helping to eliminate and inhibit the growth of bacteria on oven surfaces.
  • Oven Brite AntiBacterial Cleaning Kit includes a cleaning solution designed to remove grease, grime, and baked-on residues from the interior of ovens, leaving them bright and clean.
  • A kit implies that it is a set of products and tools bundled together. The Home Care Anti Bac Oven Brite Kit includes items such as cleaning brushes, scrubbers, gloves, and other accessories to assist in the cleaning process.
  • Products designed for home care are formulated to be safe for use in household environments. 
  • 500 ml.

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